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More home than a hotel; More hotel than home! 

Enjoy our beautifully decorated suites,  high standard of cleanliness, efficient booking methods, and clear communication with guests. Enjoy all the extras we put in the apartment just to make your stay amazing.

Your stay at Pninat Chemed comes along with an assurance that you will get much more than a comfortable room. You will get the extra features and amenities you really want from a luxury vacation rental home.

Please note that there is a minimum of 4 days when booking in advance. 

  •  Yeshivos, chassidic courts, shtiblach and big shuls in the area.

  • Walking distance to Geula.

  • Close to supermarkets.

  • Eateries of all kinds on the block.

  • Car Rental downstairs.

  • Jewelry, Judaica, chocolate  & gift shop.

  • Fully equipped kitchen inc. disposable dishes and cutlery, tablecloth, Sabbath candles and more.

  • Coffee, sugar & tea.

  • Bed sheets and towels.

  • Shampoo, soap &cream.

  • Air conditioning

  • Refrigerator, microwave, urn, washer & dryer (please specify if needed).

  • 4 elevators, inc. Sabbath elevators. 

  • Quality lighting.

  • Couches in most apartments.

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